Benchman CNC
Boxford CNC

The Benchman XT is a CNC machine primarily used on plastics. With the automated tool changer, this CNC machining center is ideal for fabricating intricate parts.

The Boxford A3HSRmi2 High Speed CNC Router is used mainly to machine Aluminum molds in-house. Spindle speeds can reach up to 20,000 rpm to allow for machining cavities with 1/64" end mills.

ProLIGHT Lathe

The Babyplast Injection Molding Machine is used to mold plastic parts. The maximum shot size of this machine is 0.5 oz and the maximum clamping force on this machine is 6.6 tons.

The proLIGHT Turning Center is a CNC lathe with an automatic tool changer, used to machine axially symmetric parts.

DM Injection Molding Machine
VLS360 laser cutter

The desktop manual injection molding machine is use to provide clear demonstrations of injection molding principles. This machine can create production quality moldings up to 25g.

The VLS360 laser cutter can be used for cutting complex 2D contours. This machine uses both vector and raster cutting and can be used to cut plastic parts up to ¼” thick in a matter of a few seconds.

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