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Past Members

Dr. Arvind  Ananthanarayanan

Dr. Arvind Ananthanarayanan
Post Doctoral Research Associate, Mechanical Engineering
Research: In-mold assembly, Miniature robotics for bio-medical applications | Personal Website

 Felix  Bussemer

Felix Bussemer
B.S. Student in Mechanical Engineering
University of Applied Sciences Mannheim

Master John  Gerdes

Master John Gerdes
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Research: Miniature ornithopter flight, Compliant wing mechanism

Dr. Alan  Gershon

Dr. Alan Gershon
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
Research: Processing and characterization of hierarchically-structured polymer composites, Bio-inspired design and engineering

 Guru  Ramu

Guru Ramu
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Research: Finger-inspired robot, SMA actuation, 8 Degree of freedom walking robot

 Patrick  Ward

Patrick Ward
B.S. Student in Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Leadership
Research: In-mold assembly, Manufacturing efficiency, SMA actuation

On this page...    Past Members

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