Professor Abhijit Dasgupta

Professor Abhijit Dasgupta


Months after winning the 2010 IEEE & AIAA Evans/McElroy Best Paper Award, Professor Abhijit Dasgupta garnered further acclaim for his influential research in micromechanics by receiving the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Electronic and Photonic Packaging Division?s (EPPD) Mechanics Award in November 2010. Dasgupta was presented with the award at the 2010 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) in recognition of his numerous contributions to electronics packaging and reliability research, including the development of solution techniques and micromechanics approaches for electronics packaging and composites. The annual Mechanics Award recognizes excellence in the engineering and science of Structural Mechanics for electronic systems, with winners selected by members of the ASME EPPD Awards Committee.

A graduate of the University of Illinois (PhD, Theoretical & Applied Mechanics), Dasgupta has been a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Clark School since 1988. In his time with ME, Dasgupta has continued his career-spanning research on the mechanics of engineered, heterogeneous, active materials, with special emphasis on the micromechanics of constitutive and damage behavior, and has established a number of significant education programs and research centers through the Clark School and ME?s Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE), including the CALCE Electronic Packaging Research Center (1990), the Electronic Packaging and Reliability (EPAR) education program (1994), and the Smart Materials & Structures Research Center (1996).

Dasgupta is a member of the SEM, AAM, SAMPE, SPIE and the ASME, where he has served on numerous committees, including the Composites Committee of the Materials Division (1992-present), Adaptive Structures Committee of the Aerospace Division (1995-present), and the Electronics Manufacturing Committee of the Electronics Packaging Division (1996-present). He is also a sought-after presenter, consultant, editor, and author with over 150 journal articles and conference papers, 9 book chapters and 3 completed volumes to his credit. He has presented over 20 short workshops nationally and internationally, served on the editorial boards of three different international journals, organized several national and international conferences, and received a number of awards for his contributions in materials engineering research and education, including the Maurice Stimpson Technical Editor's Award (1990), UMD Special Faculty Award (?90 & ?91), ARL Director?s Award (1996), and the Institute for Environmental Sciences Reliability Test and Evaluation Award (1996) and the IEEE & AIAA Evans/McElroy Best Paper Award (2010).

Currently, Dasgupta continues his faculty responsibilities with CALCE and ME, where he leads undergraduate and graduate courses in a range of critical engineering topics, including Engineering Dynamics (ENME 201), Finite Element Methods (ENME 470) and Accelerated Qualification of Electronic Systems (ENME 808X).

For more information on Professor Dasgupta, please visit his faculty page.

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January 7, 2011

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